She is gorgeous, elusive, and underground.

Pushing Daisies

A place where friends come together with one thing in common: their love for tequila, that sweet liquor from south of the border.

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Sip to the beat

Soak in the gorgeous atmosphere that is Pushing Daisies, while sitting stage-side, jammin' to the latest DJ sets.

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Explore the most impressive display of tequila you've ever seen

Featuring an eclectic list of 100+ tequila and agave based spirits, our backbar is sure to impress. Sit and stay awhile, you won't be disappointed.

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Origin Story

The English translation of “margarita” is “daisy,” and although the origins of the infamous beverage are vast and many, there is one thing for sure, we can’t get enough of her allure.

Allow us to set the scene.

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Mexico’s sweet agave nectar has not only brought us closer to our friends south of the border, but to the tops of tables to celebrate. Although we now mow through bottles on bottles of tequila anywhere, anyplace,

a lot of brave tequila-lovin’ amigos and amigas had to risk it all to get us where we are today.

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Thank the Tequila Gods,

a bunch of scofflaws didn’t let anything stop them from drinking the juice. So next time you order a round of Daisies on the rocks with salt, think about how that very drink spans across hundreds of years, cultural shifts, brutal battles and lots of smuggling.


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Fast forward a few years – legend has it, Marjorie King, famous Ziegfeld showgirl, wandered into Danny Herrera’s bar in Rosarita Beach in either 1947 or 1948 (he can’t remember which). She explained her fondness for tequila but she had trouble drinking it straight. Herrera started experimenting and she approved of his concoction: 3 parts tequila, 2 parts orange liqueur, and 1 part fresh lime.

Boom, the Margarita was born.

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